• Swedish Bar Association

    The Swedish Bar Association is the member organisation for Sweden’s practising lawyers.

  • Swedish Courts

    It is a fundamental right of all residents of Sweden to have their case considered by an impartial and independent court. Similarly for a person who has been accused of an offence is to be regarded as innocent "until her/his guilt has been legally determined".

  • Court Introduction

    Court Introduction is addressed to you as victim of crime and been called to trial. When you take part of the Court Introduction, you are better prepared for your trial and have more knowledge about what happens before and after the trial. You can have a major means of Court .

  • Brottsoffermyndigheten

    The Swedish Crime Victim Compensation and Support Authority (Brottsoffermyndigheten) is subordinate to the Ministry of Justice and led by a Director-General appointed by the Government. Its overall aim is to look after the rights of all crime victims and to draw public attention to their needs and interests.

  • The Legal Aid Authority

    The Legal Aid Authority is a national authority that handles legal aid under the Legal Aid Act. The Legal Aid Authority is also the collection authority when a court has decided that there is an obligation, for example, to pay the costs of defence counsel in criminal cases.

  • The Parliamentary Ombudsmen

    The Parliamentary Ombudsmen (JO) are appointed by the Swedish Riksdag (parliament) to ensure that public authorities and their staff comply with the laws and other statutes governing their actions.